we have a personal connection to our beans for your chocolate


our roots

In late 2015 owning a chocolate lab had never crossed my mind. It was the holidays; Thanksgiving, an appropriate time to stop in a friend’s new pizza establishment, to say hello and excited to have a new restaurant in the neighborhood. I brought her a chocolate bar. That proverbial chocolate bar, that started the whole thing, that chocolate lab thing . . .

“See that building back there behind the restaurant, the one that looks like an old barn . . .” she said. “I’m going to turn it into a farmer’s market. There will be organic vegetables from our local farmer’s, pastries and crafts, why don’t you sell your chocolate bars there too!”

At that time making chocolate bars and truffles was mainly a hobby, making them as gifts for friends and family. It wasn’t even “bean to bar” chocolate; my own recipe of melting organic “cacao paste”, adding cocoa butter and coconut palm sugar but folks loved it because it was dark and it was healthy, low sugar and local.

As I became more passionate about making chocolate and quickly discovering that others were making it from roasted cocoa beans and sugar; a whole new world opened up for me. By early 2017 we found ourselves in Costa Rica, in the Osa Peninsula, a natural protected preserve, an area named by National Geographic as, “the most biodiverse place on the planet”.

You can find out more about this trip and how it opened up a whole new world for us on our blog.

As we ramped-up our chocolate bar production and selling out at the farmer’s market every weekend we realized it was time for a bigger place, the chocolate lab, a.k.a. The Lab

The Lab is where we make our “real” chocolate from scratch from sun dried cocoa beans that we purchase from all over the world. Each unique in their own way but similar in the way the farmers respect the land by not using pesticides or destroy the canopy that cacao trees thrive in.

The Lab is where we hold classes, tastings and workshops; is where we hold private parties, events, yoga classes and art openings for local artists.

The Lab is an incubator for up and coming local small bakers wanting to get a start legitimately but can’t afford the commissary kitchen fees.

The Lab is where we create our magic and retail our products.